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Has quenched the thirst of people and creatures through ages

Handcrafted gin, aquavit and whiskey with the taste of Sunnmøre

Through traditional methodology and access to the world's best raw materials, we make gin, aquavit and whiskey the old-fashioned way.

The uniqueness of Brennevinsgrova.

What makes our gin and aquavit unique is the use of good local ingredients in the product. Raspberries from Valldal and butare from Herøy, which together with the icy water from the glacier, give the drink a unique taste of Sunnmøre.

Optimal conditions
Surrounded by the Sunnmørsalpene is Brennevinsgrova located deep in a valley on the outskirts of Sykkylven.

The foundation of all the products we produce is the water from the glacier, this creates the conditions for a unique taste of Sunnmøre.
Fjord and mountains in the bicycle pool
Short-distance local materials
"Everything starts with local, quality materials". The most important thing for a good gin or aquavit is the ingredients.

We use raspberries from Valldal and butare from Herøy which together with the icy water from the glacier gives the product a unique taste of Sunnmøre!
Picture with picking blueberries
Traditional approach
Potato spirit, water and spices are heated in the distillery and become steam before it then becomes liquid in the cooling tower. The distillate is then mixed with water in a stepwise process, where the alcohol percentage goes from 83 percent, to 60, 52, 48, finally one down per day to the desired percentage.

This process is done in one day at large manufacturers. With us, we let it go over 10-12 days, to preserve more taste. Craft gin is what we call it.
Handmade production of berries and various gin products
Award-winning product
All this preparation results in the best product. We currently have five types of gin and five types of aquavit that have won several prestigious awards both nationally and internationally. 🎉
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Picture of Harald Strømmegjerde outside the distillery
Our history

Brennevinsgrova has quenched the thirst of people and creatures through ages

Deep inside a valley on the edge of Sykkylven, surrounded by the Sunnmørsalpene is our distillery Brennevinsgrova. Inspired by the surroundings, Harald Strømmgjerde founded Brennevinsgrova at the family farm in 2019.

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