Premium Gin

Premium Gin

Valldalbær has become a concept and is more like a stamp of quality to be reckoned with. Due to the long and partly cool spring in the area, the bear has time to develop good taste and aroma, and to become the well-known Valldalbæra. The gin has an intriguing and unique aroma, with a fresh and floral nose. A hint of kelp and sea, in combination with more traditional gin spices such as juniper and citrus. Enjoy the bar or in a classic gin & tonic.

Item type
Liquor - Gin
Aroma of juniper, citrus, spices and sweetness.
Distilled on column apparatus
Juniper, coriander seeds, citrus fruits, lavender, cardamom, watercress, orris root, pink pepper, ginger, nutmeg, cassia cinnamon

Apple and gin cocktail

A delicious cocktail that goes perfectly with our premium gin. This recipe is intended for two glasses.


For two glasses:

• about. 400 ml apple juice

• 1 tbsp lemon juice

• 1 tablespoon brown sugar

• 2 shot gin

• isbiter

• apple pieces

This is what you need


• Mix the apple juice, lemon juice and the brown sugar well in a jug.

• Fill the jars with ice cubes.

• Pour approx. a shot of gin in each glass and then pour the apple juice into the glasses and stir well.

• Cut apples into strips and place them in the jars. (Can also add a cinnamon stick for extra flavor)

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